(READ ME) Mobs that are displaying blank entrance messages.

Started by The Crazy Animal, Apr 09, 2007, 04:24 PM

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The Crazy Animal

Heres the deal:

Some mobs do not have an entrance message and show a blank line. These are not bugs rather we just haven't coded in the part to skip the non-existant entrance message.

If you see one of these feel free to post the mob name... Then I can confirm that it is not a buggy message

List so far:
shadow spectre - Ian
astral shade - Ian
dark monk - Grox


Gon't Ge a [Brox!!!


Saw something weird.  Engaged combat on a monster, then left the room.  It didn't follow (that I saw, although I did get a blank line.  Then combat continued and I killed it.  And the other monster too.

[SNIP - Cap removed for space]

Seems to be the case.  Should there be a message?
I just ran there in mmud and verified: there should be a follow message.  I know in gmud I've seen monsters follow, couldn't tell you why these are different though.
I also verified in gmud that engaging combat then running from the room does not magically move the monster to me (against thugs and slums mobs).

Btw, 300 stats make for some nice hits/crits.
If we can hit that bulls-eye, the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards.? Check-mate!

The Crazy Animal

Most of the mobs that I've seen this on do not have a entrance message.... I do remember a long time ago we had problems with ones that did have messages but those were fixed.... I'll have to check it out later; getting ready for work...

Edit - merged ians topic into this its the same things...


This should be fixed and will be deployed in next version (prolly tomorrow) (will need confirmation)

The Crazy Animal

sounds good but I'm drunk please remind me to check....

The Crazy Animal

It seems we did get a few reports after this was fixed that follow messages are still sometimes giving the same blank line..


there is a bug going with multiple monsters following giving blank lines apparently.  I posted a cap in a different thread that shows this. The thread was regarding a command stacked movement death bug.
Gon't Ge a [Brox!!!


The dark-elf Royal Guards have the same issue with blank lines while following.   I have not noticed the problem when the room regens and I walk into the room, only when I move out of a room and the mobs follow me.

The Crazy Animal


Also, on the western road I had a Dark Monk and a Brigand follow me and get blank lines for both of them.  Although I don't know if it's triggered by both of them or one has affected both entry messages.



90% of mobs in Rhudhar are still showing blank follow lines, as well as the bandits and archers in darkwood forest.. also some others but I can't remember which ones off my head.


Is there some kind of confusion on how movement messages work?

The Crazy Animal

Quote from: DeathCow on Oct 24, 2008, 07:31 AM
Is there some kind of confusion on how movement messages work?

I'm really not sure... Apparently there are some mobs that are showing blank movement messages... I have a feeling that it might just be the old issue of a blank line data entry being displayed rather then ignored but haven't really taken much time to look into it. So really I'm just keeping an eye on the issue at the moment since its nothing major.