Picking/Opening doors

Started by Hydroponic, Oct 11, 2009, 04:33 AM

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My ninja seems to be  able to  pick and open doors during combat....should my combat be off to be able to do this?



 Yeah I don't think a lockpicker can combat at the same time. However, I think picking and opening a door in stealth mode should be viable, with a roll on being detected for opening the door


Truthfully lockpicking isnt normally allowed during combat, that being said I don't particularly mind the unintended change.

The Crazy Animal

I'd say it shouldn't be able to happen normally... However it would make for a nice little quest kicker bonus for people with the skill. Kind of like the perfect stealth quest. I.e. Master lockpicker quest.


Having more diversity in the classes is never a bad thing.  Making a difference between what thieves can do and what ninjas can do might go a long way towards said diversity.