Package 001 - Wooden Armor LVL 1-10

Started by Silas, Oct 08, 2009, 03:26 AM

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This armor set is to accomodate the leather class for DR, of course with drawbacks.

           Item                                           AC         Attrib             Enc         Price
1. Wooden Helmet (head)                |  4/0.6 | -3 rfir, -3 stealth |   130   | 84 gold    |  
2. Wooden Breastplate (Torso)        | 15/3   | -8 rfir, -8 stealth |   650   | 230 gold |
3. Wooden Knuckles (hands)           |  3/0.4  | -1 rfir -1 stealth  |   120  | 50 gold    | 
4. Wooden Boots (feet)                   |  3/0.8  | -3 rfir - 5 stealth |   140  | 160 gold    |
5. Wooden Belt (waist)                    |0.8/0.3 | -1 rfir  -2 stealth |  100   | 35 gold   | 
6. Wooden Greaves (Legs)              |  5/0.7  | -3rfir   -4 stealth |  200  |  190 gold   | 

Total AC = 30/5.5    Total Enc = 1340   Total Price = 7.5 plat 

Technically speaking, this set is a 30/5.5 set, compared to 25/2.3 rigid leather set and 37.5/6.1 chainmail set. It weighs the same as the chainmail set, but has less AC, so the chain wearers class still has the advantage of ac to weight ratio. You would need about 90 strength to be light with this set, which neutralizes lighter raced hybrid leathers to take advantage of the DR. The stealth reduction is because wood does not fold, so to speak, as cloth does. So when you're running around with wooden all over your body, it appears flat and carved, rather than natural and aged. Generally, it is also worse than wyvernhide.

A half-ogre druid would like this set because of its DR. A goblin gypsy might not want this because of the reduced stealth, as well as scripting in the lava fields. This set adds to the versatility of armor selection without major advantages.

  This wooden {slot} was crafted by the famous Skali. Although it is rigid, it was designed with human range of motion in mind. It might offers more protection than standard issue leathers.


I like the set, maybe if we named the wood type we could make room for a similar set for later levels.  I'm not big fan of the description, I'd prefer if the armour wasn't sold in silvermere.  Maybe a shop in darkwood, or maybe in the forest area around the future port blackwater.


there is no black water..... until you approve my lore run down.... then it shall be CREATED!!! muhahahahhahahahah


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I like the set, but agree with DC on description and where it's sold.  It's wood, should be sold out of a shop in the woods :)  Skali has no time for tree chopping!  The rfire maybe should be a little higher... dry wood and all that ya know... but yeah, good job.


While this is a sample package, I have put thought into it and intend to work with it until it gets accepted. That being said, let me describe what happens at this point in the voting stages (6 votes). Lets assume this is pretty much all the votes this package will get within a reasonable time frame. Because everyone liked the set, I as the writer can assume it will get picked up by the developers. However, since DC (developer, remember they have the final say) requested a more thorough description, I would be inclined to re-write it. I will post this new refinement on the same poll topic, as it is PAST the user-end voting. If your poll showed "reject, but fine tune it" then you would revamp the whole package and post is on a NEW poll/topic as the next with an Alpha designator. For example -- Package001 - Rev A   Wooden Armor Set Level 1-10.

Here is my attempt at a new description:

  This fresh piece of wood has been carved {variable}. It has as many flat surfaces as it does splintered surfaces, showing the mediocre craftsmanship involved with its creation. The smell of oak fills your senses to remind you of its reliability. Although its rigidty is undisputed, it is obvious the human range of motion is included in its contours.

Variables by piece of armor:

-into two knuckle guards.
-to fit on the head with a leather secure strap to hold it in place.
-from the inside out, making a very boxy breastplate with clunky shoulders.
-into several flat panels, held together by a web of leather straps.
-with an oversized hatchet into a pair of block-boots.


Now that I have submitted the "final" touches on this package, the coder/dev (in this example, I'll just say DC) will lock the forum with a final post that includes his two cents, saying something about Accepted. Now, just because the package is ACCEPTED doesnt mean it'll be implemented immediately, or at all. All this means is that DC will put it in the game with the understanding that people generally agreed upon its existance.  When DC updates gmud test server with packages, he'll make a simple list of all that's included. In this way, people can create or follow or influence content through the packages system without an in depth knowledge of Python or whatever. As long as your package is legible, logical, and practical there shouldn't be any reason why it won't get looked at seriously. My package was a basic armor set, but you could use this package deal format to implement anything: cities, items, monsters, or even game mechanics. People will vote on your package.

Someone finalize this topic for me, please.

A final question for the moderators. Where do you want these packages to be posted? Is this main subforum of gmud ideassufficient for now? Do you want them in the child forums appropriate? Would it be hard to just make a whole subforum of "Packages"?

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Well if you sell it in darkwood why not just call it darkwood <item slot> kind of like they have the witchwood tunic <I think its tunic>...

Still though I do think these types of posts would be better off in the editing resource section.


isnt witchwood in the copperwood forest?

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Quote from: Silas on Oct 17, 2009, 03:54 PM
isnt witchwood in the copperwood forest?

I was just sayng there are lots of types of wood be more descriptive.... ;p