Ebon Blade

Started by Excarkun, Nov 11, 2009, 07:30 AM

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Is anything being done in mod 10 with Ebon Blade ? making the Area Part of a quest ,changing the area  harder bigger?
Or Him be a monster like the KIA Master for ninja's and thief's?
YEa anything?
Or just going to eliminating him?


Nothing has been done as of yet, but it has been mentioned in various outlines as a possible area worth using.

I have to say, I hate the Ebon Blade area, and I think its stupid. I do have a few fixes in mind however.  For example making traps respawn only once a day.  The mana darts need to either be removed or placed on a single monster type.  I don't seem to recall is their any clue in the game about how to enter the area? There needs to be.  The whole area needs a bit of tweaking for that it is scriptable.  The red dragon hot pants need to be renamed and reworked so that they can be put back into the game. 

I'm ranting, the big thing is that the area and the carved statues were going to be used for an art collector quest.


hmmm art? for a Bard?