(Key Bugs) Keys that do not work in the game...

Started by The Crazy Animal, Mar 10, 2008, 07:49 PM

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The Crazy Animal

I really hate lists of bugs but if you find a key that doesn't work please post it as a responce to this thread...

Currently Known Non-Working Keys:

Keys that need to be tested:
Skeleton Key (976) - Rhudar - Rancid Sewer (map 9 room 873)
Steel Key (975) - Bandit Keep - Guardroom (map 9 room 862)
Moldy key (820) - Dark-elf city doesn't work (map 8 room 633)

Fixed Keys:


Temple key in rhud, will not work, can't do quest.


Broadcast from Stinkyhaze "please dont take me to the bathroom, will"


western door is bash-able and pick-able... unless that doesn't work either?  :-\
I really hate the crumbling tunnels lol


Moldy key in Dark-elf city doesn't work (map 8 room 633)