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Started by DeathCow, Apr 25, 2010, 06:01 PM

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These forums were created for the purpose of developing GreaterMud. Secondarily they support the players of GreaterMud by providing information and discussion about how to play the game. The following is the basic plan that moderators use to make sure that chaos and noise don't hinder the main purposes of these forums.

1. Be polite.
Or at least civil. Remember that tone is hard to judge on the internet, so if you are not sure if what you post will sound offensive, err on the side of caution. Trolling or inciting flame wars may result in deletions, lockings, or bannings.
2. No profanity or obscenities.
This includes irreverent references to Deity. The forums are intended to be friendly for all ages. Attempts to get around the censoring in any way will result in a ban.
3. Don't steal Ideas.
This goes for all content as well. Posting Ideas and falsely claiming it as your own will result in banning. Also, claiming an idea that has been posted as your own idea with no basis for the claim will result in deletion and or banning.
4. If you post ideas...
Keep it appropriate. The developers are entrusted with making judgment calls about what is acceptable for inclusion in the game, however moderators have the right to raise concerns with them about what deserves to be displayed on the forum. So any idea deemed inappropriate may be removed at any time.
4. Thread Titles.
When making a thread, make sure that the title accurately conveys what the thread is about. Vague titles serve little purpose in attracting attention if you need help, have a question, or want an opinion on your work.
5. Write clearly.
No L33t-sp33k. No SHOUTING. If English isn't your first language, just do your best.
6. Smilies, Colors, Size and Capitalization.
If you must use smilies, use them sparingly. Excessive smilies will get deleted or your whole post deleted.  Do not make your text large or colored without a very good reason (making a list), and above all, do not make posts or thread titles in all caps.
7. Think and Read.
Read the entire thread before you post. And when you post, explain your reasons. Nonsense may be deleted without warning, especially in a working topic. Posting the same thing after it has been deleted will get you a warning. Doing it again will get you a ban.
8. No Spamming.
Post a single idea/question/comment in only one forum. Do not double post, edit your previous post if you have something new to add but no one has posted yet.
9. No meta-threads.
If something has been recently discussed or is still being discussed in another thread on this forum, every new thread about the same topic may be locked on sight. Revived locked thread will also be locked.

If you want help:
  • Provide concrete information about what you did and what exactly went wrong. Post full and complete caps of the event.
  • Ask, don't demand. Everyone here is a volunteer. They may choose not to help you if you make the process unpleasant.
  • You may wish to ask for help in the realm.  Often there are many helpful players online.

    If you have a idea:
  • Check the ideas form.
  • Do a quick search of the forums. Your idea may already have a thread.
  • Explain the advantages of your idea. Vague ideas seldom generate much interest.
  • Avoid realism-based arguments. Simplicity and gameplay trump realism every time. Changes which only increase realism will be rejected.

    If you find a bug:
  • Check the bugs section.
  • Do a quick search of the forum.  Your bug may already have a thread
  • Try to make your topic as clear as possible.
  • Add a capture if possible and please don't edit anything out.

    If you have a complaint against a GreaterMud server moderator or admin:
  • Please PM another moderator with your concern instead of bringing your complaints directly into a forum thread.
  • Current Moderators are Vitoc, DeathCow, TheCrazyAnimal, GardenDenver.

    If you have been banned from the server you must contact the moderator who performed the ban.
  • All server moderators can ban you from the server until you have proven that you will not repeat the offending behavior again
  • No server moderator will second guess or circumvent another moderators decision. 
  • If you have been banned from both the server and forum, don't bother trying to have the ban reversed.