same name problem

Started by Rage, Jul 29, 2021, 11:28 PM

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Am unable to equip the skull mask while holding demon's skull mask.  Not a huge issue as I can drop the demon's then equip but thought i'd throw it in here.

You are carrying silverwood helm (Head), demon king's grasp (Hands), loop of
infinite shadow (Finger), gold jeweled ring (Finger), brown leather boots
(Feet), black mithril bracers (Arms), mantle of the woodsman (Back), phoenix
feather (Neck), chameleon leggings (Legs), golden belt (Waist), lionskin tunic
(Torso), shadow bracelet (Wrist), diamond-encrusted bracelet (Wrist), cobra
earrings (Ears), head of the woodelf lord (Worn), stormmetal greataxe (Weapon
Hand), brass emblem, ruby-eyed skull ring, sunstone wristband, brass parchment
deed, 2 rope and grapple, demon's skull mask, skull mask, ruby necklace,
nightfall stiletto, dice, coin bag
You have the following keys: golden idol, black star key.
Wealth: 0 copper farthings
Encumbrance: 2400/6204 - Medium [38%]
[HP=781/MA=108]:eq skull mask
You may not wear that item!


That's a weird one.  I thought we had the exact name stuff working.  May have missed it on the equip command.  I'll check it out.  Thanks for the report.