Started by Xeeg, Mar 10, 2015, 07:59 AM

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This bug doesn't seem to do anything but you never know mission creep on these things. It says im QND when i have 0 enc and arm a weapon.

You are carrying pine wand
You have no keys.
Wealth: 0 copper farthings
Encumbrance: 10/3120 - None [0%]
Name: Xeeg Mindless                    Lives/CP:      7/0
Race: Kang        Exp: 105893          Perception:     41
Class: Ninja      Level: 1             Stealth:        49
Hits:    38/38    Armour Class:   5/1  Thievery:        0
                                       Traps:          31
                                       Picklocks:      29
Strength:  65     Agility: 60          Tracking:       25
Intellect: 40     Health:  60          Martial Arts:   52
Willpower: 45     Charm:   40          MagicRes:       43
[HP=38]:arm pine
You are now holding pine wand.
You are extremely quick and deadly with this weapon.
[HP=38]:a two
*Combat Engaged*
You swings at at TwoGirlz, but he dodges out of the way!
You say "aweee!"
*Combat Off*