Incorrect Messages in GreaterMUD

Started by Gardner Denver, May 10, 2008, 02:58 AM

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Who was it on the old mmud forums that posted that parody of the effed up messages (among other things)?


I don't recall, its floating around on here somewhere.


I think it was either Radirac or Kotar originally. 

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Ok, so when a player attempts to backstab another player and misses, this is what the person being backstabbed sees:
<player> lunges at at you!
<player> swings at at you!
<player> swipes at at you!
And so on.
Some weapons seem to correctly do:
<player> swings at you!
I believe backstabbing with your fists gives the correct message.

Also, the current message that a person sees in Greatermud when someone attacks them with a spell is:
<player> moves to cast <spell name> upon you.

I can't remember what this is meant to be in regular Majormud. My memory tells me that attacking someone with spells in regular mud just gave them the message
<player> moves to attack you!
But it has been a fair while since I last played on a regular board so I'm very likely wrong. Maybe Greatermud just needs to change the full stop to an exclamation mark?
Perhaps if it does only give the former, we could have both display so that Megamud recognises the pvp combat source, but we also get the bonus message about what spell is being cast, such as:
<player> moves to attack you!
<player> moves to to cast <spell name> on you!