MajorMUD world map (and other info)

Started by Turbofoot, Oct 06, 2023, 01:26 AM

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TurboSentry Redux now has a world map made by scanning Winterhawk megamud paths. There was mild editing to position text better but most of the map is approximately where it should be allowing for n/s/e/w travelling.

There is other info including a weapon list (simple filters); armour list (filters); spells (filtered - if you click into the different spell schools) and monster list. The info was scrapped from the MudCentral pages which I built for them in 2003-ish. There are apps that filter better but I wanted a web view.

See the info by visiting TurboSentry Redux website and clicking the More option in the top bar. Constructive feedback welcome!


Cool! I've seen a couple of nice maps on ParaMUD's Unofficial Discord recently. I don't know the person but apparently created by Bonecold.