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Q: How do I create a character to play?

A: To begin with select a blank character save spot from the main menu, to do so simply arrow down to any <Unused> spot and select it by pressing Enter.? This will begin character creation.? In GreaterMUD character creation begins by selecting a race.? There are currently {insert value} races to choose from.? These races include;
The next step in character creation is to select a class.? There are currently {insert value} classes to choose from.? These classes include;
For more information on races and classes, see the HELP file located on the GreaterMUD main menu, or here {link to forum help page}.
You will now be brought to the customization screen.? On this screen you can select; A first name, last name, eye color, hair color, and length.? The next step in character creation is a customization of your characters begining stats.? Each character begins with 100 character points(CP) to distribute to their primary statistics.? This customization is permanant, so please choose carefully.? For more information about how primary statistics influence your character's abilities see the HELP file located on the GreaterMUD main menu, or here {link to forum help page}.

You can now save your character and you will enter the realm after the game initializes your character.[/color]

Q: Now that I have created my character, and entered the realm, what do I do?

A: Your character begins at "Small Village, Entrance".? The best thing to do right now is head north and explore the village.? It is advised that you "Greet" the villagers, and "Ask" them about anything that is highlighted.? This village is intended to introduce new players to the commands in the game, as well as start the game's stories.? The old wizard, for example will tell you about spell casting, and the trainer about combat.? While talking to the villagers be sure to "BUY" equipment from the shops around town.? While in a shop "list" their wares about buy any weapons, armour, and spells your character will need to begin with(basic equipment and spells are free here).For a complete list of in game commands see the HELP file located on the GreaterMUD main menu, or here {link to forum help page}.

Q: I've explored the village, and talked to everyone, what should I do now?

A:? You have several options.? You could head up stairs in the training halls and fight the practice golems, explore the Mysterious Forest that surrounds the village, or ask the griffon stables to take you to another place.? There is quite a bit to do in the starting area.? There are easy quests to perform, monsters to kill, and bosses to be slain.? Some of the bosses will require groups of low level characters, while others can be killed by just one character.

Q: I've decided to export the forest around town, but I walk into a dead end, what do I do?

A: The main road out of the small village has been barricaded by the kobold troops that have moved into the forest.? Fortunately, there are small paths you can take to get into the woods.? You'll notice that the description of the room may say something about a path into the forest;

A well used cartpath winds its way south into the deep forest.
Footprints and wheel tracks line this well used path.? Along the
side of the road there are a few menacing claw marks etched into
the powdery earth.
? The vibrant evergreens that line the paths
edges part slightly to west revealing a small path.

Often times when a room description mentions a path that is not avaible as a normal exit, you may perform a "remote action" to use the exit.? In this case you may use the commands; "Go Path," "Enter Path," or "Walk Path."? Be careful in the forest, as there are Kobolds and forest animals which will be aggressive if you happen upon them.? Be ready to "attack" enemies on sight.

Q: My friend and I have decided to leave the village by means of the Griffon Stables, but now that I'm here my friend is no where in sight, where did he go?

A: The stables in the Small Village will take characters to a new town depending on their Class, and Alignment.? In order to meet up with your friend again you'll have to travel to where they are, or meet up with them somewhere.? Each town has a stable that can take you to various locations, although some towns do not have direct travel to every location.? You'll learn more about getting around the realm as you familarize yourself with its layout.

Q: I'm a spell caster, but I can seem to learn any new spells, how do I learn new spells?

A: In order to learn a new spells you must be able to use the spells particular elemental circle.? After leaving the Small Village by griffon, the new town you are in will have NPCs that can teach you about spell circles, and train you in their arts.? For more information about spell circles, see the HELP page on the GreaterMUD main menu, or here {insert link to forum help section}.

Q: I've gained enough "exp" for the next level, how do I "train?"

A: Head back to the closest town or village with a Trainer.? In the training room you may type "Train" to reach the next level (requires money), then you can "Train Stats" to distribute your new CPs. (Note: Most trainers only train upto a certain level, once you've reached a certain level you will have to find a more skilled trainer in order to progress, you can however distrubute CPs at any trainer at any time/level)


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